You be the GM: Who Are YOUR Untouchable Players?

neil olshey

To be honest, almost everybody on our current roster could be traded for the right price (package of players and picks). Of course, there are exceptions to that.

When I say “untouchable,” I mean “untradeable.” I’m talking about players who we would not trade, no matter what.

To be honest, I only have two untouchable players: Damian Lillard and Nicolas Batum. Before you criticize me for not putting more players in that list, let me explain.

I didn’t put All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge on that list for one reason. If the rumors are that he wants out, we should let him go. I wouldn’t think that move comes this summer, but if he really does want out, I say we let him go next summer. At that point, he’ll have the leverage over Blazers management, with just one year left on his contract.

I also didn’t put fan-favorite Wesley Matthews on that list for a reason. To be honest, I am one of those fans that LOVES Matthews. I like his demeanor, work ethic, and the fact that he can play through pain when needed. However, I think if we can get a player or package of players that makes the team better, then we should take the deal.

Everybody else on our roster would probably be a bench player (second-string player) on most other NBA rosters.

If you were GM Neil Olshey, who would your untouchable players would be? Let me know in the comments below!!


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