Blazers Renew TV Contract with KGW


It was made official by the Blazers on July 30 that they had renewed their contract with KGW Channel 8 for the next three seasons, through the 2015-2016 season. This means that at least 16 games will be aired live by KGW each season. Of course, the station could choose to air more if they wanted to, but the contract minimum is 16 games per season.

However, this leaves Seattle blacked out. Fans in Seattle can’t watch Blazers games through NBA League Pass as the city is considered by the NBA to be a home market for the team. Also, KGW isn’t aired in Seattle, as it is a local channel. For a few years, KING-TV was airing Blazers games as a sub-channel, but that contract was not renewed for last season and has not been yet been renewed for the future. The Blazers have not yet announced any web-streaming of the games live, so as of now, the only way for Seattle residents to watch Blazers games (live) is by visiting Portland.

I’m personally happy with the contract extension. I like watching games on KGW Channel 8 whenever I can, and I’m sure many others do as well.

How do you guys feel about the contract renewal? Let me know in the comments!!

I want to thank Blazers Edge for providing much of the Seattle situation information to me. Go ahead and follow them on Twitter @blazersedge for all things Blazers, as well as some cool NBA clips.

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