Trail Blazers Extend Contract of Stotts

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It was made official by the Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday that they would extend the contract of head coach Terry Stotts. The terms of the deal were not disclosed to the press, but it is known that the extension will last over multiple years.

Stotts had an option on his contract for next year, meaning his contract was essentially over. It was one of the team’s priorities to lock up Stotts long-term, and they did so.

The move to extend Stotts’s contract was viewed as obvious by many fans and members of the press. The move allows the team to grow with Stotts. The Trail Blazer franchise’s rebuild began with the signing of Stotts before the 2012-13 season. Now players like Blazers G Damian Lillard and other young players get to continue to grow under one coach.

What do you guys think of the move? Was Stotts the right person for the job? If not, then who? Let me know in the comments below!

–Sagar Trika | @BlazersBySagar


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