I’ve made this page to inform you of where our salary allowance is being spent. Below are notes explaining the different contract types and whether or not the money is guaranteed. Anything not colored is guaranteed money. The colors indicate various contract abnormalities. I’ve indicated what each color represents below.

2014-15 Salary Cap: $63,065,000

Player 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Damian Lillard $3,340,920 $4,236,287 $5,651,206
Dorell Wright $3,135,000
Wesley Matthews $7,245,640
CJ McCollum $2,421,000 $2,525,160 $3,219,579 $4,385,067
Will Barton $915,243 $1,181,348
Meyers Leonard $2,317,920 $3,075,880 $4,210,880
LaMarcus Aldridge $16,006,000
Victor Claver $1,370,000 $1,712,500
Joel Freeland $3,013,512 $3,766,890
Steve Blake $2,077,000 $2,170,465
Allen Crabbe $862,000 $947,276 $1,215,696
Chris Kaman $4,800,000 $5,016,000
Thomas Robinson $3,678,360 $4,660,482 $6,179,799
Robin Lopez $6,124,728
Nicolas Batum $11,765,500 $12,235,750
Guaranteed Total $68,157,580 $12,235,750 $0 $0
Total $69,072,823 $41,528,038 $20,477,160 $4,385,067

The salary values colored green indicate that the player has a Player Option for that season. This option allows the player to decide if they want to stay with the team for that season, of if he would rather become an unrestricted free agent.

The salary values colored blue indicate that the player has a Team Option for that season. This option allows the team to decide if it want to keep the player for that season or not. If the team decides to decline the Team Option, the player becomes an unrestricted free agent.

The salary values colored red indicate that the player has a Qualifying Offer for that season. The Qualifying Offer allows a team to make a certain player an unrestricted free agent. The team first has to submit a contract offer to the player before June 30. The offer’s value must be either 125% of the player’s contract for the previous season or the minimum value for what the player is eligible plus another $175,000 (which ever value is larger). If the player accepts, he plays for his team from the previous season. After that season, he becomes a restricted free agent. If the player declines the offer, he becomes a restricted free agent.

The salary values colored purple indicate that the player’s salary for that season is not guaranteed. If the player is waived before July 31 of that summer, the team will not pay him. If he is on the roster on August 1, he is fully guaranteed the salary value.

The maximum salary for a player is defined by how long they’ve been in the NBA. The following chart details how much the max salary for a player in a single season is.

Years of Experience 0-6 7-9 10+
Max Salary $14,746,000 $17,695,200 $20,644,400

7 thoughts on “Salaries

  1. The maximum percentage is very interesting. It would be great if we could sign LMA to a new contract before 2015 (that would be year no. 10 I think) because then he couldnt ask for the extra three million

    • It would have to be this summer, as his contract expires in the summer of 2015 (we can’t sign him before the contract ends). However, I think we could offer a contract extension, which I would do. I wouldn’t do it for that much unless he demands it, though. Giving him that much money takes away any flexibility for the foreseeable future.

  2. Good job in general with all of this! I know that you’re rounding the salaries to the nearest 10,000, which is fine. Just a heads up that Earl Watson, although he’s making $1.40 million, only counts $0.88 million against the cap. And your description of a qualifying offer is just a bit off at points – it’s a complex rule. But well done. Keep up with the writing and with helping other Blazer fans to understand the financial rules!

    • Ah thanks! I just used the numbers I found from various sources online. The qualifying offer is confusing, so I just did my best on that. I’ll work on updating the page with the new information as soon as possible. Thanks for the feedback!

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